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Cheryl Brown's creations have been featured in many publications and magazines including:
-Teddy Bear and Friends  Feb/March 2013
-Friday News Magazine Front Cover December 2007
-Dollshouse World Magazine
-Dollshouse and Miniature Scene Magazine
-Creative Child Magazine Christmas 2010 edition
-American Miniaturist Magazine issue #108
-Our Canada Magazine

Below are a few images of the publications that have featured Cheryls Little Creations
Teddy Bear Times feb/march

Friday Magazine Dember 2007 Cover Page ImageFriday Magazine Demeber 2007 Page 8 "Tiny Attractions"Friday Magazine Demeber 2007 "Tiny Attractions" contd Below is the complete text from this article

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Interview from Dolls House World Magazine by Joyce Dean
Dolls House World Issue 213 cover image
'Monkeying about with Miniatures'

Creating little creatures is certainly one way of enjoying the miniature world and Cheryl Brown's tiny friends make everyone smile.

Cheryl Brown talks to Joyce Dean

Take one look at the tiny creatures that Cheryl Brown creates and you too will be smiling!
Each little character takes on its own charm as Cheryl brings them to life. No two are ever the same as each one is individually sculpted from polymer clay. So we have asked Cheryl a few questions to find out more about the artist behind these delightful creatures.

How did you start making miniatures?
I started making miniatures because I was always fascinated with tiny things.
When I was a little girl growing up in Mission British Columbia, Canada, unwanted paper or boxes destined for the trash would be salvaged and turned into furniture for a dolls house.
My Mother was very artistic and one day showed me how to make paper mache.
It was so much fun making miniature animals and figurines out of the paper mache, I would spend hours creating what ever came to mind.

When I was a teenager I was in my cooking class and found a cake decorating book and started looking through it. There were beautiful cakes covered in flowers, and I could not believe my eyes when I saw that you could make a teddy bear cake that looked like a real stuffed bear.

I worked in my Dad's shake and Shingle mill, packing shakes and decided that I was going to save the money I was making to buy some cake decorating supplies. My first attempt to make a cake was a heart shaped cake with pink roses that I made for my Mom and Dad's anniversary. The family really liked all the detail and told me that I had done a wonderful job, and that made me feel great! I then made a gingerbread
house that Christmas. I continued to make birthday cakes and then wedding cakes for friends and family.

When I became a mother I made homemade play dough for my children and we would spend hours creating all kinds of figurines and play food together. One day at a local craft store I purchased polymer clay and liked it right away. It was easier than the salt dough to work with as it allowed for much greater detail, and it came in manydifferent colors.

What do your family think of your interest?
My family enjoys looking at all my new creations. I also get many design ideas from my children.

Is it easy combining home life for your miniatures?
It is easy for me to combine home life and miniature life because my job gives me great satisfaction and, best of all, it affords me the luxury of being home for my family.

What was your job or occupation before miniatures?
I have had many jobs. Working in my Dad's mill, picking berries when I was younger, then I used to work as a receptionist at a Vet Clinic, then a tug boat company, a credit bureau and a cashier in a grocery store.

Do you have any other hobbies?
My hobbies include gardening, cake decorating and taking care of a 120 gallon salt water reef aquarium.

Have you had any training or are you self-taught?
I am a self-taught polymer-clay artist. No moulds or paints are used.

What is special about your little characters?
I think what makes my creations special is they are one-of-a-kind pieces and I offer a different range in sizes, from Christmas tree ornaments to dolls house miniatures.  What my customers find different is that I do not use paints. All the eyes and details are added to each figurine with small pieces of clay and carefully applied with a craft knife.

Has the internet helped your business?
It was not easy to set up my business on the web because I am not that handy with a computer, so my son helped me create my website It was a lot of work and time. Ebay has been working out very nice for me. I have met so many great friendly customers and always look forward to reading the wonderful feedback they leave me.

Have you made anything that you can't bear to part with?
I have made a few things that I can't bear to part with. An exact miniature replica of a full-sized gingerbread house that was entered in a contest, that I won first prize. That was very exciting for me because I had never won anything before. A wedding cake that is the same as my own three-tier cake. Also a teeny tiny Noah's
ark filled with animals.

Describe your workshop?

My workplace is in my front office looking out over our quiet tree'd acreage. It looks like a winter wonderland when it snows. It has been great to look out and watch my children play as I am working.

Is there an item in your range that you really love making? 
I love making miniature dolls house monkeys, bears, giraffes and elephants.

Where do you find your inspiration?
My inspiration comes from my children. They have some really great ideas.

Tell us about a typical day in your life of miniatures.
A typical day for me would be taking my daughter to school, coming home and spending an hour or two catching up on housework, checking my website and Ebay messages. Spending a few hours creating figurines, listing Ebay items, packaging up parcels, a trip to the post office before picking my daughter up from school, taking her to basket ball, watching the games. Coming home and spending some time with my four children,I also garden and take care of my aquarium, then make a dinner so we can all sit together and catch up on the day.

Do you have a dolls house or collection of your own?
I do not have a dolls house collection, but my mother started me on a Precious Moment Christmas ornament collection. Also the Precious Moment sugar town scene.

Have you ever had a project go horribly wrong?
I have not had a project go horribly wrong but I was working on an order that was going to a Christmas store in Disneyland. I had been working on the order for a week and when I was baking them in the oven I could smell something burning and realized that it was my work, they were burnt to a crisp! It was not a good day!

What are your plans in the future?
My plan for the future is to have a collection of work that would sell worldwide.
This dream is already coming true thanks to Ebay.

 Dolls House and Miniature Scene Magazine Issue 186 cover image Creative Child magazine image

 American Miniaturist Magazine issue #108 cover image Our Canada Magazine Cover Image

My one-of-a-kind dollhouse miniature figurines are available on Ebay & Etsy.

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